Handicap Bathtub

If you are in the market for a handicap bathtub in the Westminster, CA area, you’ve found the right place. American Built Tubs offers the highest quality and most affordable bathtubs for the handicap in California. The tubs I supply are functional and pleasing to the eye. You won’t be embarrassed to have anyone in your bathroom. In fact, you’ll want to show it off because it will be so beautiful and accessible that you’ll be proud to show your loved ones.

The walk-in tubs I provide have a simple door that you open and close before starting and after draining the water. You simply get into the tub and shut the door. Next, you start the water. After you enjoy your relaxing, warm bath, you drain the water and then open the door. It’s that easy. You don’t have to worry about being flexible or having the ability to lift your legs. As long as you can get yourself to the tub, or someone can help you, the rest is easy.

You shouldn’t worry about water flowing out of the handicap bathtub. The tubs I provide in the Westminster, Riverside, Redlands, and San Bernardino area are top notch. The doors completely seal so there is no water leakage anywhere in your bathroom. My tubs also drain fast, so you aren’t stuck in your bathtub for a long time waiting for the water to drain. It’s a quick and efficient process. When you choose American Built Tubs, you’ll have my professional installation and guarantee that you’ll love your tub and how it works.

If you are ready to enjoy the freedom of taking a bath despite your disability, call me today! I look forward to coming out and helping you create the tub that meets your needs today!  You also get to enjoy guaranteed lowest prices.