Sit-In Tub

Are you tired of having a caretaker help you in and out of the tub? It can be embarrassing when someone has to come in and help you climb over the lip of the tub. At American Built Tubs, I provide a sit-in tub that puts an end to these worries. Now you can take a bath in privacy. I provide these installations all throughout the Rialto, CA area!

While it’s nice to have a caretaker come and care for you, sometimes you just need privacy. There’s nothing relaxing about a bath that someone has to supervise you in. With a walk-in tub, there’s no need for supervision. Not only do you not have to climb, but you have a slip-resistant surface, keeping you safe. I can add safety handlebars and any other accessories you need to help you gain your independence back.

I understand how important it is to maintain your dignity as you age. Even if you aren’t elderly, but have health issues, it can be hard to have someone do everything for you. I have helped many homeowners in Rialto, Perris, Moreno Valley, and Fountain Valley gain their independence back. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy some privacy too!

Even if you need some assistance while in the tub, the sit-in tub gives you a little more control over the things you need to do. Your caretaker can be in and out, leaving you to enjoy your bath and your quiet time. 

If you are tired of having someone with you while you bathe all the time, call me. I will be happy to help you decide which bathtub fits your needs the most. I offer a wide variety of tubs that make bathing not only safe but also pleasant once again. Call me today and we’ll get started!