Sitting Bathtub

Have you ever looked at your tub and thought that you just don’t feel like climbing over it? Those early morning baths or late night dips when you are trying to wind down can be dangerous if you slip and fall. Why take a chance? Let American Built Tubs install a sitting bathtub for you. Then you’ll be able to enjoy a nice, relaxing bath early in the morning or late at night without the risk of falling.

You might think of the walk-in tub for only the elderly. It might surprise you to find out that I install these tubs in homes of even young couples in San Bernardino, CA. There’s something to be said about the safety of these tubs. No one likes the risk of slipping and falling in the tub. It poses a serious danger! That’s why I’m proud to supply the safest tub you can place in your bathroom.

Not only do you reduce the risk of falling because you don’t have to climb in, but it’s also a slip resistant tub. This is perfect for any family in the San Bernardino, Rialto, Perris, or Moreno Valley area. Parents with small kids or those with an aging parent living with them especially love these tubs. The sitting bathtub just provides a sense of security for those who use the tub as well as those who love them. Rather than worrying every second your children are in the tub, you can relax and let them have a little fun too. 

You might not have pictured your bathroom with this type of tub, but the tubs I sell are top quality. They look beautiful and provide the safety you need!

Call me today so you can see the wide selection of sitting bathtubs I offer. Then we can get you started making your bathroom as safe as possible today! Remember when you choose my services you are guaranteed to getting the lowest prices.