Step-In Bathtub

Who can use a step-in bathtub? Honestly, the list is endless. You don’t need to have mobility issues or be aging to enjoy this tub. Anyone that likes a nice, relaxing bath can enjoy one. Let’s be honest, anyone can fall getting into or out of the tub. Why not take the risk away? As the owner of American Built Tubs, I work closely with homeowners in the Redlands, CA area to find the tub that works right for them.

The walk-in bathtub offers many benefits. The most obvious of which is the ease of entering the tub. You don’t have to lift your leg or climb over anything. You simply open a door and walk into it. Another large benefit is the decreased risk of losing your stability. Oftentimes seniors use the sliding glass door in a shower or bathtub to balance. This is not a sturdy surface. The door can easily give, which puts you at risk for falling.

I have seen the step-in bathtub raise the value of homes in the Redlands, San Bernardino, Rialto, and Perris area as well. This is especially true in areas where the homes are mostly those in the retired community. Many people are trying to age-in-place rather than downsizing and moving elsewhere. If you are among this crowd, a walk-in bathtub could be the perfect solution for you. My prices are affordable and my installation is top quality.

When I’m done installing your walk-in tub, you’ll fall in love with taking baths all over again. Even if you aren’t aging or dealing with mobility issues, the walk-in tub can provide a comfortable and safe place for everyone in your family to take a bath.

If you are ready to make a change to your bathroom, give me a call. I can provide you with an estimate for a walk-in tub today. Before you know it, you’ll have a high-quality tub that anyone can use safely and effectively in your home.