Walk-In Bathtubs for Seniors

Have you heard of walk-in bathtubs for seniors, but wondered what they were? At American Built Tubs, I’m happy to show you how these tubs work. The walk-in tub takes away the risk of falling while trying to get over the lip of the tub. Instead, it contains a door on the front or side of the tub that opens and closes. You open the door and get into the tub. Most models also have a seat where you can sit and relax. Once you close the door, you can start the water. Now it’s time to enjoy your relaxing bath. Once you are done, you drain the water and open the door again. No water leaks out and you were able to enjoy your bath.

In Perris, CA, I have helped hundreds of seniors gain their independent back. It’s amazing the change I see in their personalities when they are able to do something so small for themselves again. There’s just something to be said about being able to groom on your own. This doesn’t discount the appreciation seniors have for their caretakers; there are just some things seniors want to do on their own.

If you are in the Perris, Moreno Valley, Fountain Valley, or Huntington Beach areas, I encourage you to contact me. I can show you the benefits of the walk-in bathtubs for seniors. Many people aren’t even aware that this is an option. They either deal with the risk of falling or they subject themselves to strictly showers. Did you know that even showers pose a serious risk of slipping and falling?


Don’t take the risk. Call me today! I can outfit your bathroom with a top quality walk-in tub and at competitive rates. You’ll gain back your independence without risking your safety. It’s a win-win situation. Call me today and we’ll get you back on the path of taking baths in your own privacy once again.