Walk-In Tub Near Me

Did you just search for a ‘walk-in tub near me?’ You’ve found the right place! American Built Tubs provides top quality walk-in tubs in the Moreno, CA area. You might wonder who can benefit from this type of tub? Is it just seniors? It’s not. Anyone worried about falling or who can’t move themselves into a standard tub can benefit from the walk-in tub.

I continually install tubs in homes of people who have arthritis, fibromyalgia, and muscle issues. It’s not always the elderly that call me for a tub installation in the Moreno Valley, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles area. You might be surprised to see how many younger homeowners call me for a tub installation.

The simple benefit of not having to lift your legs over the lip of the tub is priceless. Not only do you get the protection of not falling, but the tubs I install also have other safety measures, including scalding prevention and safety handlebars. The tubs I install are of the highest quality and have the utmost safety features. You don’t have to worry about a thing after I install a walk-in tub in your home.

If you are tired of searching for a ‘walk-in tub near me’, call American Built Tubs today. I guarantee we have the products you need at the prices you want. I offer competitive prices so that anyone can afford a walk-in tub. I stand behind my products and my installation. I promise you will be happy with your bath from the moment I leave your home.

If you are considering a walk-in tub, give me a call today. I’ll discuss your needs with you and help you decide which model is right. It’s my goal to make sure each and every customer is happy with their purchase. This is a purchase that will affect you and your family for a long time to come, so I want you to enjoy it!